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At Hollingsworth Peonies we prefer using the "relative scale" to measure height of our peonies. No matter where our peonies are grown, it always will be true that a "Semi-dwarf" peony will be less tall than a "Medium" or a "Very Tall" peony when compared to each other in the same growing location. A living organism such as a peony will grow differently in various locations. Here in the Midwest our peonies are exposed to wind and intense sunshine, often limited precipitation, and tend to grow more compact than the same peony growing in coastal Oregon. Unlike lumber, bricks, or any other inorganic objects, peonies and perhaps all plants vary in dimension, depending on where they are grown. A 6”x6”x12’ log of lumber will always have these dimensions, no matter where, a peony will not.

Below you will find definition and scale, including a numerical range, for our peonies offered in this catalog. Please note the numerical values are based on our peonies as they perform here in our Midwestern climate. The numerical values will not work for peonies grown in greenhouses or very lush growing environments such as Oregon, Washington or parts of New England. Peonies grown in those locations are likely to exceed the numerical scale listed. Conversely, peonies grown in the mountains, arid locations of Utah, Idaho, and the Dakotas probably will perform below the values indicated below.

Peony Height Scale

  • Dwarf = less than 16”
  • Short (Semi-dwarf) = 16” – 25”
  • Medium = 26” – 35”
  • Tall = 36” – 45”
  • Very Tall = more than 45”

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