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 2021 CATALOG 

Hollingsworth Peonies
Hybridizer & Grower of Fine Peonies

We are Missouri peony growers and hybridizers who specialize in field production of bush peonies, herbaceous hybrids, Itoh hybrids, heirlooms, new varieties, species, as well as rare and hard to find sorts. Here you'll find a wide assortment of varieties and guidelines on how to plant, how to divide and detail information about how to take care of your peonies. 


9/14/2021 - Final USDA Inspection Completed

9/15/2021 - Shipping to Alaska

9/17/2021 - Shipping January & February Orders

9/18/2021 - Shipping to Canada

9/20/2021 - Shipping March & April Orders

9/22/2021 - Shipping May and June Orders

9/23/2021 - Shipping Remaining International Orders

9/24/2021 - Shipping Remaining June & July Orders

9/28/2021 - End of Early Bird Priority Schedule.
                  Switching to USDA Zone Priority* Shipping.

Due to excellent weather conditions, new staff and USPS personnel we are about 10 days ahead of schedule.

* USDA Climate Zone Priority - ANY existing or new order for USDA Zone 2, 3 & 4 will ship immediately.

We are shipping 100's of orders each day. There is no way to determine when your order is getting on a USPS truck. As soon as it is loaded it is scanned and notification is emailed to your as long as your online account information is current and our email is on your white list. If you have reported us as spam and black listed us this notification my end up in your SPAM folder or it may bounce back to us. We also provide USPS with your phone number if on file, therefore you have the option to enable text message shipping status updates. However your online account information needs to be up to date. Please take a moment and make sure your account information is current, complete and accurate. 

We Dig Peonies! ™

We take pride in what we do and are among a few companies that are neo-nicontinoid and GMO free, our farm is a protected area for pollinators. We follow and exceed USDA approved land stewardship and production methods and work closely with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. As of this year, the Klehm peonies have been fully incorporated into our program. This acquisition increased our collections to nearly 20,000 distinct seedlings and varieties of herbaceous and woody peonies. Addionally, we have been scaling up our production to nearly 100 acres in the hope to meet the demand of our customers. All our peonies come directly from our farm to you. We do not resell imports and we do not ship in the spring since peonies do best when planted in the fall.


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