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Hollingsworth Peonies™

Our brand signifies excellence in peony breeding and growing of high-quality root stock.

All peonies sold are three to five years old and have flower bud initials at the time of harvest. They are hardy plants that not only withstand but thrive in our harsh Midwest climate with hot humid summers and sub-zero, freezing winters. Hollingsworth Peonies™ are among the country’s toughest varieties available. They are beautiful, award-winning cultivars and simply the best peonies.

The Hollingsworth's Best Peonies™ LabELs

With the acquisition of the Klehm's peonies we are currently growing thousands of registered cultivars and tens of thousands of specific epithets that are seedlings, advanced selections, and breeding stock. Each of our registered varieties is evaluated and selected according to the definition and objective of each label. Below you will find our six Hollingsworth Best Peonies™ labels and their definitions.

Best Landscaper® 

This mark is reserved for only those varieties that are beautiful in every aspect and excel in a flower garden setting. They are the result of half a century of hybridizing and selecting for superior garden and landscape performance.

Peonies in this class have beautiful flowers, excellent plant habit, and many do not require staking.

Elite Peonies™


This label is reserved for professional grade cut flower cultivars that are bred and selected for superior cut flower qualities. Elite Peonies™ are grown according to the IPM protocol and strict exclusion quarantine. We never sell imported roots or plant foreign rootstock in our fields.

We are working closely with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the USDA to ensure the integrity of this program.

Best Cut®

This label designates varieties that excel in the cut flower garden. Peonies in this class have stems long enough for cutting and can be used for beautiful flower arrangement and home decoration.

These peonies have long stems and need mechanical support or staking.



This mark is reserved for varieties that serve as food source for pollinators. These cultivars are frequented by honeybees, bumble bees and other beneficial insects. Use these plants to create your own pollinator friendly area.

Best Fragrant®

Not all peonies are fragrant, others have a nondescript mild smell, and some are just odorous. This mark is assigned to only those varieties with a noteworthy and pleasant fragrance. Peonies in this class are thoroughly delightful and make excellent additions to a fragrant garden.


It is a class of peonies distinguished by their characteristic plant habit. These dwarf to semi-dwarf plants are vigorous but relatively slow to increase, growing into dense, mounded clumps over time. Their stems are stout and short, the leaflets small often finely cut and feathery. The flowers are proportional in size to the compact, diminutive bush. All are very early or early season flowering and derived from wild type and species selections.

These adorable peonies add ornamental appeal to any rock garden, sunny border or small landscape and are worthy of a closeup focal point.

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