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Dark Promise
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'Dark Promise'
Originator: (Pehrson/Holl., 2010)
Group: [Herbaceous Hybrid]
Bloom period: Early Midseason
Bloom week: 3
Flower form: Bomb
Height: Medium
Distinction: Rare
Item number: 1508


The outer petals reflex somewhat and the rather broad inner petals grow relatively long such the silhouette is as tall as it is wide. Normally opens its flowers a few days before Red Charm. One flower per stem. Leaflets are distinctly rounded and cupped, of rich green color at flowering, leaf condition may decline upon onset of heat and drought, supplemental irrigation and some shade is beneficial. It is a fine garden variety that displays flowers of outstanding color and form. It shows promise as a cut flower cultivar due to the exceptional flower form and its deep dark color.

This plant was produced by Roy Pehrson. Upon onset of declining health, Roy divested himself of valued peony plants. This is one of the seedlings sent to Chris Laning. Chris later shared divisions with others interested in peony breeding as an example of the flower doubling achievements attainable among the early flowering interspecies hybrids. The name is registered at this time in preparation for further distribution as a cultivar for its unique ornamental qualities, which also enables preservation of its history. The parentage as furnished by Pehrson is [(Lactiflora Group) 'Petite René' x Saunders 8969 (Paeonia officinalis Rosea Plena x P. corallina)]. Presumed triploid, stigmas appear normal but no seeds noted to date.

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