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Surname and year of name publication, in printed publications enclosed by parentheses, follows the item name. When two surnames are shown, the first is normally the one who initially recognized the value of the plant; the second person established the name. 

Hybrid Groups
Follow the link to the section Hybrids for a detailed discussion on this subject.

Time of Flowering
One of the major differences found among the different Peony Groups is time of flowering. In Northwest Missouri we may have peonies in flower for five to six weeks, sometimes a week longer, least duration in those years when we have much above average temperatures for a portion of the season.  

The Gold Medal (GM)
The highest award given for a peony cultivar by the American Peony Society, said to denote excellent performance both in the garden and for exhibition. It should be taken as significant, but many fine performers have not received the award, while there are noteworthy exhibition winners that have been passed over because of less than exemplary performance in the garden.

In addition, you may wish to review the articles available in our About Peonies pages related to other characteristics referenced in the plant descriptions.

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