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Best Landscaper®
'Amalia Olson'

Best Landscaper®
'Karen Gray'

Kayleigh Ann

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Best Cut® 'Kayleigh Ann'
Originator: (Stanek, 2017)
Group: Herbaceous Hybrid
Bloom period: Early Midseason
Bloom week: 3 & 4
Flower form: Double
Height: Medium
USDA Zone: 3 to 7
Item number: 5076


The flower is double on well grown mature plants, semi-double or even single on immature specimens. The flower opens in an intricate color, ranging from shell pink to peach shades on the outer petals to butter yellow shades on the inner segments. The pigments are more pronounced in cool spring weather and remain bright as the flower matures. The segments are of a quite heavy and of nearly waxy substance. Broad outer petals surround rows of segments that grade narrower toward the center of stamens. These pollen bearing stamens are obscured in fully formed double flowers. Flowers are extra-large when grown in protected areas or cut in bud and opened indoors. It is a dependable variety with a satisfying plant habit. Free flowering, the blooms open staggered over time, lasting a two-week period in our Midwestern climate. The increase of this vigorous plant is noteworthy and well above average, growing a substantial clump within three to four years of planting here in NW Missouri. One large flower is born close enough to the foliage for a pleasing presentation. The medium height stems arch with the double flower but lends well for concealed support mechanics. The mid-green foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season, eventually turning golden yellow in the fall. Fully grown specimens make for a stunning focal point in the perennial border. The stems are just long enough for cutting furnishing stems with a unique color for the vase. It is a great choice for the cut flower garden and offers some utility to commercial cut flower growers looking for an unusual color on stems that store well in a cooler.

Awards, Best Use & Distinctions
Best Cut®; unique color; general garden and landscape use; perennial border, cut flower garden; deer resistant.

Basic Growing Requirements
Full Sun. Water as needed, sensitive to overwatering and waterlog conditions. Soil pH 6.5-7. Fertile, well-draining soil.

Disclosure: The image(s) above shows the actual cultivar named and described on this page. The pictures are a fair and accurate depiction of the flowers as they are, in vivo, and are not staged or altered otherwise. The descriptions are based on our experience with plants that are grown by us here in NW Missouri. All images and information presented are subject to US Copyright ©, cultivar names may be subject to US Registered Trademark ®, and/or subject to specific breeder rights such as US Plant Patent and/or USDA Plant Variety Protection as well as specific State of Missouri crop protection laws, and all rights thereto are reserved. Please note plant size, color, and health is due to a variety of environmental factors so results cannot be guaranteed and additionally that different web browsers may display colors slightly differently. These varieties may not be propagated commercially or exported without specific license and may be subject to export/import regulations. For inquiry send a written letter to Hollingsworth Peonies, P.O. Box 233, Maryville, MO 64468.


Herbaceous Hybrid. Parentage: 'Old Faithful' x 'Faithful Dream'. Fertile both ways; pollen and seed.

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