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Imperial Fuchsia
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BeeLoved® 'Imperial Fuchsia'
Orig.: (Hollingsworth, 2021)
Group: Lactiflora
Bloom period: Midseason
Bloom week: 4 & 5
Flower form: Single
Height: Tall
USDA zone: 2 to 8
Item number: 3657


Single; large flower, opens deep fuchsia to purple. Two rows of large guard petals surround a yellow cluster of stamens, in center prominent, purple pistils. Side buds extend the flowering period. Medium tall plants are stoutly erect, stems and leaflets remain green and healthy into autumn, initial selection among seedlings was made in early autumn, earning the plant’s initial garden the name, September Green. Now offered for distribution for its uncommon flower color and favorable landscape presentation. Free standing, strong stems carry the flowers near the canopy, no support needed. It is an eye-catching peony in the perennials border. Flower loaded with pollen, attracts numerous pollinators and beneficials such as: Apidae, Colletidae, Syrphidae, Chrysididae, Oedemeridae, Araneae, Ichneumonidae and many others.

Awards, Best Use & Distinctions 
®; Hollingsworth's Best Peonies™; general garden and landscape use; perennial border; hybridizing; attracts pollinators and honey bees.


Lactiflora cultivar. Parentage: records lost. Fertile both ways, pollen and seed.

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