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Garden Treasure
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Best Landscaper® 'Garden Treasure'
Origin.: (Hollingsworth, 1984)
Group: Itoh Hybrid
Bloom period: Midseason
Bloom week: 4, 5 & 6
Flower form: Semi-double
Height: Medium
USDA zone: 3 to 8
Item number: 0205


Semi-double; mature plants double flower form possible. Heavily substanced petals open yellow gold, lightly flared scarlet, center green and cream with prominent pink stigmas; fragrant. Side buds on long stems develop in rotation, a leading example of extended flowering period among peonies, up to four weeks in cooler climates. Bush is vigorous, medium height, arching but stiff stems make a widely spreading silhouette. Well-grown plants may form up to a five-foot wide mound at maturity, yielding four to five dozen blossoms over an extended period. Cool green, semi-glossy leaflets are intermediate in form between the parents, leathery and durable. Flowers are great in the garden or in the vase.

Awards, Best Use & Distinctions
Best Landscaper
®; Best Fragrant®; Best Cut®; Hollingsworth's Best Peonies™; Gold Medal 1996; ALM 2009; APS Grand Champion three times; several times chosen to the Court of Honor at exhibitions. General garden and landscape use; cut flower garden; cutter with some commercial application.

APS Seedling Class: Certificate of Merit Award, 1984.

Itoh hybrid. Parentage: (Old Farmstead™ Carr East № 2) x [P. (Lutea Hybrid) 'Alice Harding'].

Presumed near infertility: "The Itoh Hybrids have for long been known to be highly infertile. Recently, chromosome count findings show they are triploids, reason enough for the observations. Any seeds from Itohs pollination by either triploids or tetraploids are expected to include a share of tetraploids, possibly fertile. Suggestion: pollinate by one or another of their parental Lutea Hybrids or a mix thereof. Expect rare success, requires patience, but persistence is how we got the present generation of Itohs." (Don Hollingsworth, 2021)

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