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Dawn Glow
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Best Landscaper® 'Dawn Glow'
O.: (Saunders/Hollings., 1986)
Group: Herbaceous Hybrid
Bloom period: Early
Bloom week: 2
Flower form: Single
Height: Medium
USDA zone: 3 to 7
Item number: 1420


Single; large, petals open ivory with lavender highlights emanating from the base. Large center cluster of golden yellow stamens surround prominent yellow-green carpels. Fragrance suggestive of clove. Tender young foliage may emit faint clove-like scent on sunny days. Good habit, spreading, grows into a medium size bush. Strong, medium height stems clad in deep green foliage; big leaflets, prominent in effect. A handsome, early flowering peony. It is a novelty and rarely offered. 

Awards, Best Use & Distinctions 
BeeLoved®Hollingsworth's Best Peonies™; Best Landscaper®; Best Fragrant®; general garden and landscape use; hybridizing; attracts pollinators and honey bees.


Herbaceous Hybrid. Parentage: Third generation 'Silver Dawn' on pod parent line (details unknown). Very fertile, pollen and seed. Declared pollen parent of 'Greenland'.

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