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Best Fragrant® 'Tourangelle'
Originator: (Dessert, 1910)
Group: Lactiflora
Bloom time: Late Season
Bloom week: 6 & 7
Flower form: Double
Height: Tall
USDA zone: 2 to 8
Item number: 5073


Full double; medium pink to apple blossom, very fragrant, large flower. Many petals with good substance and very appealing color. Good habit when established, free flowering. Undersized medium green leaves, glossy. Stems perhaps a bit too weak, requires staking in the garden. It is a great heirloom variety much adored for its timeless beauty. 

Awards, Best Use & Distinctions
Best Cut®; Best Fragrant®; Heirloom; general garden and landscape use; perennial border, cut flower garden; cutter.

While it is an excellent variety with many favorable qualities, producing quality root divisions is challenging. Due to these cultivar specific limitations 'Tourangelle' is among a group of peonies few companies are willing to propagate. It takes longer to grow these plants and processing the roots is difficult; frequently the roots appear less in quality when compare to roots from other varieties.

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