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Peonies are the ultimate blend of toughness and beauty, the perfect perennial and an ideal gift.






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Kathy's Touch
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'Kathy's Touch'
Origin.: (Hollingsworth, 2009)
Group: [Herbaceous Hybrid]
Bloom period: Early Season
Bloom week: 2
Flower form: Double
Height: Medium
Distinction: Best Landscaper
Item number: 3036


Semi-double on young plants otherwise full double flowers. The large size flower head shows in an attractive shade of medium pink. The flower form is the classic two stage (flower-in-flower) anatomy of traditional Lactiflora Group cultivars. The inner flower varies in fullness, leading to our designation of semi-double flower form. There is a thin ring of pollen-bearing stamens at inner edge of the outer part and again at the center. The vigorous plants are sturdy, especially prolific of increase and foliage quality persisted well under open field conditions during our recent two months of summer drought. It makes a low medium bush. Great display in the landscape.

Herbaceous hybrid. Parentage: 'Salmon Dream' x 'Pink Vanguard'. Has useable fertility, pollen and seed.

This is the earliest opening double flower peony we have introduced. And, for you hybridists, its parents, both presumed tetraploid, are two of our easiest seed producers of interspecies hybrids lineage, the cross being ('Salmon Dream' x 'Pink Vanguard'). Both parents are excellent garden ornamentals as well. We consider this peony to be the forerunner of a growing list of earlier opening doubled flower cultivars. In our 2008 flowering season, 'Kathy's Touch' flowered with 'Pink Vanguard' and ahead of nearby 'Red Charm' plants by five days. We expect the difference in timing will be as much or more in cooler climate regimes.

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