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Plum Greetings
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'Plum Greetings'
Originator: (Klehm, 2007)
Group: [Herbaceous Hybrid]
Bloom period: Early Midseason   
Bloom week: 3
Flower form: Single
Height: Semi-dwarf
Distinction: Novelty
Item number: 5293


Single, large, well formed, up facing flower; opens in a lustrous, perfect plum red color. Large, cupped petals surround a yellow boss; yellow stamens, filaments white, prominent large carpels, light green; stigma cream white. No side buds. Excellent, compact plant habit, vigorous, broad semi-dwarf bush. Free flowering, reliable bloomer with strong stems bearing flowers close to the foliage, self-supporting, staking not required. Attractive, lanceolate leaves which are of deep green color. A prized novelty due to its unusual color and reliable performance in the landscape. KLM seedling K 93-23.

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