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P. offici. Rubra Plena
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P. officinalis Rubra Plena
Synonym: Memorial Day Peony
Originator: (unknown)
Group: Species
Bloom period: Early Midseason
Bloom week: 3
Flower form: Double
Height: Semi-dwarf
Distinction: Historic
Item number: 3538


Full double; large, opens bright red. Generously furnished with petals, good substance and form. Satisfying habit, vigorous, good amount of bloom on a semi-dwarf to medium height bush. It is a reliable garden variety, except stems bend and twist, forming an “officinalis hook”. This takes away from the otherwise superb qualities of this peony. The foliage is healthy and of medium green color.  

Paeonia officinalis Rubra Plena is a historic variety. It has been in cultivation for a very long time. During the medieval period it was grown in monasteries. The monk herbalists grew this plant for its medical properties. While no longer used as medicine, this peony is widely grown for its ornamental beauty. Here in the Midwest this variety is known as the “Memorial Day Peony”.

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