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 Imperials The Japanese Flower Form 
'Prairie Afire'

The Japanese flower form, also known as Imperial form, is a refined but not often used group of peonies. This group is distinguished by plants with strong stems and advanced season flowering. Many are very productive and free flowering. The flower form is complex and frequently multicolored and very detailed. The flower shape often represents a work of art. Many peonies with this designaton make excellent cut flower stems. 

Explanation Links: AwardsALM, Best Landscaper, Flower Form, GMOriginator.

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    Best Landscaper® 'Mary Elizabeth'
    Orig.: (Hollingsworth, 2004)
    Group: Herbaceous Hybrid
    Bloom period: Late Midseason
    Bloom week: 5 & 6
    Flower form: Japanese
    Height: Medium
    USDA zone: 3 to 7
    Item number: 2140


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