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Award of Landscape Merit and Gold Medal 

ALM- Award of Landscape Merit is a new award instituted by the American Peony Society. In order for a peony to be awarded this status it is expected to stand self-supported through various weather conditions as well as display superior excellence in the ornamental values for which peonies are wanted, plus year to year reliability of performance across North America's peony growing regions.  To read more and view those that have been awarded click this link to APS, Award of Landscape Merit peonies

Nominations will be accepted from any APS member. For more information on this or becoming a member contact Claudia Schroer apseditor@gmail.com or 816-459-9386.

GM- Gold Medal award Exceptional peonies have long been recognized by the American Peony Society by way of awarding medals and certificates. In this scheme of things the Gold Medal has always been considered the ultimate accolade, but as the Society and the interest in peonies has evolved, so to have the criteria by which these medals were awarded. Beauty is always expected in a plant awarded a society's highest honor but it is no longer the overriding factor that it once was. Click this link to see the APS, Gold Medal peonies